Matteo Tiratelli

  • Teaching Fellow in Sociology at UCL.
  • Labour Party activist.
  • Member of Movements@Manchester and UCL’s Sociology & Social Theory Research Group.
  • Thinking about power, protest, the state, social history, crime and Marxism.
  • Teaching introduction to sociology, social theory, political sociology, quantitative methods and social mobility.
  • m.tiratelli[at]


  • Drifting right: the left and the Labour Party (November 2018) New Socialist
  • A New Relationship With the World (September 2018) Tribune
  • Stop and search doesn’t work against violent crime (September 2018) Wired
  • Does stop and search reduce crime? (February 2018) Northern Police Monitoring Project
  • 4 things that are right with Effective Altruism (July 2016) Novara Media
  • Old Fashioned Elitism Meets Free Market Violence: On The Higher Education White Paper (June 2016) Whitey on the Moon


  • M Tiratelli (forthcoming), ‘The changing practice of rioting: Revisiting repertoire transitions in Britain, 1800-1939’, Mobilization (link).
  • M Tiratelli (2018) Rioting and time: Collective violence in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow, 1800-1939. PhD Thesis (University of Manchester) (link).
  • M Tiratelli, P Quinton and B Bradford (2018), ‘Does Stop and Search Deter Crime? Evidence from Ten Years of London-Wide Data’, The British Journal of Criminology (link). Media coverage in The Times, the Guardian, Apolitica and BBC News. Winner of the 2019 Radzinowicz Prize.
  • M Tiratelli (2018), ‘Reclaiming the everyday: The situational dynamics of the 2011 London riots’, Social Movement Studies (link).

Working papers

  • ‘The political economy of crime: Universal Credit and crime rates’. Submitted to British Journal of Sociology.
  • ‘The decline of rioting and its strange persistence: Crowd life in 19th century Britain’. Submitted to Comparative Studies in Society and History.

Datasets and maps

  • Catalogue of riots in Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester 1800-1939 (link).
  • Gifs of riot locations over time in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow (link).
  • Geo-located footage of the 2011 London Riots (link).


  • Occasional posts here: link